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IV + IM Vitamins 

Weight loss + Detox

Body Sculpting

Muscle Recovery + Arthritis Relief

Hangovers + Migraine Relief

Botox, Dermal Fillers + Anti-Aging

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IV + IM Vitamins

Hello IV Lounge! Get your vitamins and enjoy the view! Delivering vitamins directly into the bloodstream is the ultimate way to improve nutrition. Results are immediate and will save you the hassle of daily supplements. 

Detox + Weight Loss

Shed the toxins AND the weight while you relax in a Far Infrared Sauna or Sweatblanket. We have body wraps, thermogenic lotions and intramuscular vitamin injections to get you reaching those wellness goals and CryoSulpt to help you get your ultimate shape.

Injury, Arthritis, Tension

The CryoSport combination of Cryotherapy and body cupping is exactly what you need to pull out stagnant toxins and stimulate deep healing. And don't forget the Glutathione! Glutawhat? No worries, come find out! 

Botox + Dermal Fillers

Botox and Dermal Fillers are in the house! Not to mention the talent behind the needle! So good! Fill those tissues, erase those lines! Your face, just better. 

Anti-aging Head to Toes

Microneedling and PRP are 100% natural and highly effective ways to remove damage and restore youth to anywhere on the body! 

Get rid of scars, stretch marks, loose skin, pigment, etc. Microneedle = Magic eraser. 

Skin Damage, Acne + Facials

Frotox, Hydrabrasion, Dermaplaning, Resurfacers and DermaQuest skin care are exactly what you need to get that acne under control. There's a perfect combination waiting for you.